Kill It With Fire

Plot against your evil nemeses in a race to corrupt a whole city without your minions going rogue forcing you to kill them with fire in this 2-4 player worker placement game.

Game Play

Become the most evil overloard by building up your lair, completing grand schemes, collecting as much evil as possible, and utlimately corrupting the temple. As a minions evil increases, they begin to rebel against the overlord. The overlord must kill their minions with Dragon Fire before the minions get to them first. When an overload kills a minion, the overlords extract their evil and adds it to its total Evil tally. At the end of the game, the overlord with the most evil wins.

During the game, players place malevolent minions on the city boards to try and enact evil schemes to gain coveted resources and Evil. Schemes, however, are not completed until all players have placed their minons. If two different overlords' minions occupy the same space, minions battle it out to see who will complete the scheme and gain the reward.



Play Time

30 Min/Player


Worker Placement


1 Lair Board

4 City Boards

4 Player Minion Boards

42 Scheme Cards

4 Dice

20 Meeples (5 per player)

65 Resource Cubes

100 Tracking Cubes (20 per player)

11 Market Tiles

40 Special Minion Tiles

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