Your rag-tag team of trappers will work together in this cooperative 1-5 player card game to capture the rare creatures of the Gurglemire to reap your reward.

Game Play

In the Gurglemire, trappers must work together to complete their mission to capture rare creatures by creating traps and tools using the resources found in the mire: stones, sticks, and vines. Each trapper has a unique ability and starts with 2 tools of their choice to help navigate the group through the mire to complete their mission.

Beware, these creatures CHOMP! If any trapper takes one too many Chomps, its game over for everyone. The group wins when all rare creatures in your mission are captured.


1 - 5

Play Time

45 - 60 minutes


Cooperative Card Game


1 Game Board
5 Player Reference Cards
8 Character Cards
20 Big Traps Cards
20 Small Traps Cards
15 Creature Encounter Cards
12 Tool Cards
30 Scavenge Cards
52 Venture Cards


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