Mayham Games is a fun, light-hearted company that enjoys making games for all ages. Every game is a portal into a new, and always slightly cheeky, world. We are always looking for new friends with new perspectives and experiences. We hope you can come and play with us soon!

Our Story

Can you come out and play? As children we long for a life-long friend, Mayham Games is just that. Husband & wife duo Isaac & Nicole, are working together to make games that put a smile on your face.

While making games has been Isaac's life-long dream, spelling was never his strong suit. In our first hammy discussion, Isaac proceeded to swear that Mayhem was indeed spelled "Mayham." While Nicole tried with all her might to convince him otherwise (and was ultimately deemed correct thanks to the internet), they agreed that the mayhem, and comedy, of the conversation fit the very heart of what they striving to achieve in their games: fun, comedy, strategy, and character.

We hope you have a hamtastic time playing our games (even if just playtesting for now)!

Isaac Gibbs

Owner & Game Designer

A Software Engineer by day, game designer by night (and weekends), Isaac's passion is to create games. He is the main game designer at Mayham, has a never-ending supply of ideas, and is always looking to play new games.

Nicole Gibbs

The Planner

With a background in Digital Marketing, Nicole assists with all things marketing and business. Additionally, she creates much of our prototype art and assists with the game design process.

Contact Us

If you have questions, thoughts on a game, or would just like to say 'hi" please email us at